Learning objectives

In this course, you will
  1) be aware of a common misunderstanding around prospecting
  2) understand all the steps involved in the entire prospecting process & at which step John Barrow’s technique fits in
  3) understand the common mistakes when executing John Barrows’ technique
  4) understand the 5 most common mistakes that could occur in the entire prospecting process

By the end of the course, you would be able to
- self-examine your current prospecting process
- identify areas to improve

I will use 1 example from a sales person from Tableau (from 1st cold email until receiving PO), and 2 examples from a SDR from salesforce.com to illustrated the above points and demonstrate to you what are wrong and what the right way looks like.



For whom

SDR and Sales people who are currently doing cold calling/ cold emailing.

Course curriculum

    1. What do I know about cold calling?

    2. Why do I design this prospecting course?

    3. Everyone learns a little differently.

    4. Why not start with Quiz questions? This can tell you what you already know about cold calling.

    5. See how much you still remember about John Barrows' "filling the funnel" training?

    6. Learning objectives

    7. How to adjust the speed of the audio

    1. A common misunderstanding around prospecting (6 min)

    2. Prospecting process flow chart and at which step John Barrow's technique fits in (5 min)

    1. Overview of Case Study 1 (1 min)

    2. Overview of case study 1 according to prospecting process flow chart (1 min)

    3. Common Mistake 1 and Critique of Step 1 (3 min)

    4. Common Mistakes when executing John Barrows' technique and Critique of Step 2 (15 min)

    5. Common Mistake 2 and Critique of step 3 & an exercise (4 min)

    6. Common Mistake 2 explained and demonstration of a wrong first call/meeting (3 min)

    7. Critique of step 3 continued and 2 extra tips (5 min)

    8. Common Mistake 3 and Critique of step 4 (8 min)

    1. A question you might have (2 min)

    1. Overview of Case study 2 (4 min)

    2. Common Mistake 4 (2 min)

    3. How to nurture your prospects and special notes (7 min)

    1. Overview of Case Study 3 (3 min)

    2. Common Mistake 5 (3 min)

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  • Can I get email templates from this course?

    I showed 3 email templates, 2 of which are more generic templates. The templates are not the selling point of this course. I don't think you should buy this course for that.

  • After I finish the course, I still have questions unanswered, what should I do?

    The course price already included a 30 mins diagnostic session to trouble shoot any questions related to this course. You can book your session on https://saleswithemily.com/contact/

  • Can I take a preview of this course?

    Of course. There are a few segments available under the course curriculum.

  • Would you show things like how to research online and build a prospect list in this course?

    No. I didn't show this because this is not a basic level course. However, if this is what you are looking for, I recommend you check out Patrick Dang's "Lead Generation Machine: Cold Email B2B Sales Master Course" on Udemy. Girl in a jacket

  • Would you demonstrate how to use mass mailing tools or CRM software to send mass emails in this course?

    No. Primarily because every company uses something different, so it might not be very applicable to everyone. However, if this is something you want to learn, please drop me a message https://saleswithemily.com/contact/ and I would consider to make it later.

  • Am I required to take John Barrows training before taking this course?

    No, you are not required to take John Barrows’ training before taking this course. However, those that have gone through his training are likely to benefit a lot more. People that have not gone through John Barrows training, please be advised that his content will not be covered in this course. You can visit his website here to know more about his training https://ondemand.jbarrows.com/filling-the-funnel Girl in a jacket
    Girl in a jacket

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